Officially Episcopalian

Well today, Trinity Sunday, I was officially received into the Episcopal Church by Bishop Kirk Smith. It was a very moving service--about 20 of us (both young and old) were either received or confirmed by the Bishop. I am now officially Episcopalian (and no longer Lutheran).

I promised Ben Myers to write about my change from Lutheran to Episcopal for the tradition series on his Faith and Theology website, so I will save my explanation for that piece. The short answer is that I married an Episcopalian a little over six years ago and we have been worshiping together at Trinity Episcopal Cathedral ever since. The longer answer is what I will save for Ben.

By the way, if you want to make your own church sign, go to this site.


MadPriest said…
Chuck. Congratulations on becoming a fully fledged Anglican.

As we do for all our new recruits we will be sending you a full list of the schisms that are available for you to join at this time. However, please do feel free to invent your own. We have literally thousands of bishops, throughout the world, of all shapes, colours and opinions (also, many without any opinions, whatsoever). Therefore, you are sure to find one that you can happily disagree with.

We hope your brief stay in the official Anglican Church is an enjoyable one and that you find plenty of things to get really cross about. If you're the last one out - don't forget to switch off the light and close the door.
Chuck Blanchard said…

Thanks for the welcome. My wife is very amused that I decided to become an Episcopalian in these strange times. But as she pointed out to me, Anglicans are very good at creating other, successful denominations (like Methodists). It appears to be our role.

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