Saturday, June 30, 2007

Father Jones on the (Near) Future of the Anglican Communion

Father Greg Jones thinks schism is near--both of the Episcopal Church and in the larger Anglican Communion. I agree with his analysis:

I keep wondering how best to describe what is so clearly unfolding. With the news that the Anglican Church of Kenya has now appointed a second American (formerly Episcopal) priest as a bishop for missionary work in North America -- it is quickly becoming obvious what is happening. The announcements from Kenya that Murdoch and Atwood will be bishops with missionary oversight in America, and their welcome reception by the Anglican Communion Network's Bob Duncan, indicate that the long-awaited 'orthodox' and 'new' North American 'Anglican' province is on its way. It must deduced that while no such clearly worded announcement has been made by anybody -- all new facts on the ground point to the fact that a new alternative brand of Anglicanism is being offered under the guise of traditionalism on North American soil. It is indeed a joint venture between various strands of Anglo-Catholic and Anglican Evangelical -- and it includes the various dioceses still working hard to figure out a way to steal away from the Episcopal Church -- the various parishes which mostly have done so already -- and the half-dozen or so largest groups of traditionalist Anglican fellowships. It looks like there will be no shortage of bishops. If the Reformed Episcopal, Traditional Anglican, Anglican Communion Network, Convocation of Anglicans, Anlglican Mission in the Americas, Kenyan, Uganda, Bolivian, and others come together -- as it looks like they are doing this summer -- there will be more bishops than one can imagine.

. . .

Anyhow, friends, this is how it's playing out. By Summer's end, with further news that Gene Robinson will be going to Lambeth (in some reduced status), along with all the other bishops with jurisdiction of the Episcopal Church, and that the realignment forces have continued to not only ignore the Windsor process but deny that the Windsor Report urges they refrain from such activity, what reasonable hope is there that the Communion will withstand the pressures of the separatists? It won't. They will leave, as they do in many localities, and they will do everything they can to build the church they want.

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