A Guy in the Pew Joins the Episcopal Cafe News Team

I am pleased (and a bit proud) to announce that I have been asked to be a contributor to the Episcopal Cafe's news team. I will be posting on the the Lead on Sundays. The Lead is the part of the Episcopal Cafe that covers news items. I will start in a week.
For those not familiar with the Episcopal Cafe, please check it out. It has lots to offer--news commentary, longer posts on social and religious trends, and devotional and spiritual offerings as well. It also has some great art.


Hello, Chuck. This is Janet from over at deepgraceoftheory.com! Welcome to my blog and thanks for your comment and congrats on the Episcopal Cafe invitation! Yes, I had visited you earlier and learned you were a fellow Episcopalian. By the way, sometimes it's worth it to make a comment on a science blog because thoughtful scientists come over to converse with me as a result. And it helps me formulate my thoughts for a book I'm working on. The report from around the world is sobering. We have to recapture the historical vision of our faith as a thoughtful way of knowing that carries us deeper toward reality and is self-critical, self-aware, and humble. The opposite, perhaps of truth-claims that are too sweeping or too reductive...inward change is more to the point.
Chuck Blanchard said…

I have a degree in chemstry and have done lots of work with high tech companuies over the years. I like scientists--I just need to be better armed with arguments next time I engage with the materialists. I am doing that homework right now.

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