Hot AZ It Gets Adds a Post I Agree With

Hot AZ It Gets is a group blog on Arizona politics with a decidedly conservative point of view. I seldom agree with anything posted, but the blog does offer very good insight to what conservative Republicans are thinking in Arizona. I was therefore surprised that there was a post today that got it 100% right. Here is the post:
There's an article today in the Republic today entitled [$700,000 Montblanc pens and $40,000 Vuitton purses], discussing how sales of luxury goods like Louis Vuitton purses are booming. That is disgusting. When there are starving children in Africa, and the Bible is full of admonitions against greed and instead teaches us it is much more valuable to give than to receive, it is sickening that people would spend thousands of dollars on a designer handbag - for what? To copy what other people look like, and send a signal to others that they value materialism. I'd much rather die knowing I'd helped some starving child in Africa than die with a bunch of toys - those license plate frames really should say "he who dies with the most toys loses ALL of them at death and is accountable to God." There is no justifiable reason on this earth why you "need" a $1,450 purse. The company actually has the nerve to label them as "necessities" on their website. How do these people sleep at night?


Anonymous said…
Fortunately materialism (and disdain of it) seems to run across party lines. My fellow liberals seem to love the whole "Real Simple" facade with its $80 plain white t-shirts and yoga in designer clothes. "I'm self-indulgent and a bit narcisistic, but it's okay because it is a spiritual quest" or, The dirty little secret about the "The Secret" is that it is utter self-serving crap for the self-absorbed.

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