NEVER: Religious Bloggers Against Torture

Aaron Krager of Faithfully Liberal has started a new campaign called Never: Religious Bloggers Against Torture. since I am a religious blogger and am against torture, I joined the Facebook group. Here is a link the the website.

You can find my own past posts on torture here.

Former Navy Chaplain George Clifford has a great essay at the Daily Episcopalian that argues that torture is both immoral and ineffective. Here is the money quote:

People who abandon a morality founded upon firm principles or unwavering virtue for consequentialism lack a moral floor below which they are unwilling to proceed. No act is too bad to contemplate if the potential benefits are of sufficient magnitude. Torture involves acts that should lie beyond the bounds of acceptable morality – always. Fortunately, debates about torture do not have to end with neither side speaking in terms the other cannot really understand. Not only is torture antithetical to Christian principles and incompatible with Christian virtue, torture is also ineffective. In other words, the evil of torture very rarely if ever results in a greater good.

Read it all here.


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