Father Matthew on Sin

This is one of Father Matthew's most thoughtful, and thought provoking videos. He asks the most basic of questions: what is the nature of sin. Here is Father Matthews explanation of the video:

This piece “Making Sense of
Sin” was inspired by my reading a piece by Valerie Saiving that changed my
view of sin forever, challenging the limited understanding that has been
promulgated for so long, an understanding that is not good news for those on
the underside of power. Some good writers like Kathryn Tanner and Joy Ann
McDougall have pursued this line of theology to make a constructive
contribution. And this is my attempt to give it justice. Enjoy!

Further Links:

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Faculty Bio - Joy Ann McDougall Faculty Bio - Kathryn Tanner

Anglican Theological Review - Sin-No More? A Feminist Re-Visioning of a Christian Theology of Sin

"Jesus Humanity, and the Trinity: A Brief Systematic Theology" (Kathryn Tanner)


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