Time to Rename Our Communion????

In his typically humorous way, the Mad Priest raises a very good question: should we rename the Anglican Communion to something a bit less, well, colonial:

Somebody apologised to me, in the comments, earlier today for calling me an Episcopalian. Not a problem, of course. In fact, I've pretty much come to think of myself as an Episcopalian. NOT as in TEC (My goodness! That would be slumming it), but as in Episcopal as opposed to Anglican.

I really do believe that we need to get rid of the word, Anglican, from the name of our communion. For a start, it is so colonial, to such a pervasive extent that the Grand Tufti really does believe he is emperor. It is also restrictive and bad for mission. Anybody living in countries that England has stuffed in the past can hardly be expected to join something so obviously English. Those who do are regarded as quizlings by their compatriots (this is very evident in India, for example).

The obvious word to replace Anglican is Episcopal. It says what we are and is perfectly adaptable for universal application. However, there are many episcopal churches in the world that are not aligned with our Communion at present and I don't think it would be fair to call ourselves just TEC in our international manifestation.

Read it all, and be sure to suggest a name on his blog.


MadPriest said…
Thanks Chuck
I was being very serious in my flippant way and I'm a bit disappointed in the lack of a serious response from my readers (they are perfectly capable of serious - they're just being a bit naughty at the moment).
I think a new name would help us define ourselves as a community of equals and do something to stop the illegal assuming of authority by the bishops of my national church.
Chuck Blanchard said…
I too was surprised that no one has come up with a suggestion. i have to admit that I have not come up with one myself.

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