New Trinity Cathedral Project: Beyond The Last Word

Trinity Cathedral is starting an innovative online ministry, and you are invited to participate. Here is the description of the new Beyond the Last Word website:

Welcome to Beyond the Last Word, an invitation to open-minded listening and dialogue initiated by members of Phoenix, Arizona’s Trinity Episcopal Cathedral. Our conversations take their topical cue from Speaking of Faith, public radio’s weekly conversation about religion, meaning, ethics and ideas. Using each week’s Speaking of Faith broadcast to set our topic, we will pose a set of reflections and questions linking that week’s theme to our more specific interests, needs, and concerns. Our blog hopes to extend our activities as thinking seekers to a broader population within our church community and to extend our outreach and intellectual hospitality to persons beyond metropolitan Phoenix. We hope visitors to our site will be prompted to offer further questions and observations and share those with us.

. . .

While new episodes of Speaking of Faith are available each Thursday, we plan to open each new conversation on the Sunday or Monday following and continue through the next weekend. This will allow our facilitators time to listen to and reflect on each broadcast, pursue some of the supplemental materials, and frame productive sets of questions. We anticipate posting at least two or three articles a week for our on-line community to consider and respond to.

Go to the site and learn how you can participate. I will be a frequent participant and hope you will come join us as well.


Michael Cochise said…
Thank you, Chuck; we look forward to hearing from you often! (Perhaps even authoring as well as commenting?) Next week's broadcast, an interview between Krista Tippett and Pres. Jimmy Carter, should speak to several aspects of your interests. Look for our first post on that topic Monday...
Michael Cochise said…
Oops. To clarify: The Speaking of Faith interview with Pres. Carter is the *current* week's broadcast (4/26); our conversation about it will begin Monday. Sorry for the confusion.

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