Father Nicholas' Sermon For the Second Sunday of Easter

When I started this blog, Father Nicholas Knisely jokingly made me promise that I would not post reviews of his sermons. I will keep that promise--even though made in jest. That doesn't mean, however, that I can't point you to sermons that I think are well worth your time.

The truth is that Father Nicholas is an outstanding preacher, and his sermons are always well worth a close listen. I think his sermon last Sunday on "Doubting Thomas" is especially so. Here is Father Nicholas' description:

A good, if somewhat commonplace, sermon for this "Doubting Thomas" Sunday tends to speak something of our questioning being a holy - or at least understandable and acceptable - thing.

But a closer reflection on today's Gospel can lead us to a more thought-provoking question: what is the difference between Resurrection and resuscitation? Part of the answer is that the former is defeating death, while the latter only postpones it. The reality of what Easter means may stun us out of our skepticism into doing great things for God's Kingdom - as it did for Thomas.

What we do though with our lives as a result is really the question that we need to focus on however...

Father Nicholas raises a very interesting issue about what it was that Thomas was really doubting. You can access the MP3 file for the sermon here.


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