Thursday, July 19, 2007

New Arizona Policy and Politics Blog

I am on the Board of the Children's Action Alliance--a really great organization with a very impressive staff. Matt Jewett, a research associate, has just started a blog. Here is Matt's description of what he plans to do with his blog:

This site is nothing more
than Matt's Mad Musings about politics, society, changing the world, or just observing the humor that daily life and current events bring us. Although many of you know me to be a "policy wonk" (aka a political nerd), I am aiming this blog at those who have opinions and care about the direction of our communities, our country, and our fellow humans, but have never been too involved in any great movements. I don't expect you to be motivated to major political action. And I hope to have some good back and forth with people who are just normal folks living their lives - and who care.

This blog has been motivated by my Thursday night coffees with my old college friends. If you ever wanted a political focus group, they are it. They are pretty much all female (hence the name "Girl's Night"...and me), opinionated, yet non-partisan. They are just trying to make the best life they can. Also, in the course of my day job and various political and community activities, I come across tidbits of knowledge that I love to share. Now we'll find out if anybody else cares to listen, or if I just put you all to sleep.

At the Children's Action Alliance, Matt has started to do some really interesting work on border issues. If you care about public policy, Matt's blog will be well worth a read.

Check it our here.

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