Lambeth Coverage

The Lambeth Conference is about to start. Bishops are flocking to England from all over the world as we speak. You won't see much discussion of Lambeth on this blog--as Anglican as I may be.


Because there are far better resources on Lambeth. Firsy, my colleagues and I at The Lead will be offering detailed Lambeth coverage, and our editor-in-chief, Jim Naughton is already in London. Jim plans to offer "live blogging" from Lambeth once the Conference starts.

Second, my Lead colleague, Helen Mosher, has prepare a tremendous resource that she explains on her own blog:

Last night at the Episcopal Cafe, we posted links to all the blogs we’re aware of written by Anglican bishops. In a fit of “how am I going to keep up with this,” I created a pipeline of the posts and gave it a single feed, which you can subscribe to here:

Hope it’s useful to some of you as well, especially with the Lambeth conference being next week.

Its a great resource--Helen has collected dozens of blogging Bishop feeds and put them all into one feed that captures them all.


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