The Bishops Act

The Bishops act-without dissent from those remaining (including the Windsor Bishops)--and adopt a resolution. The full text can be found on The Lead. I still need to ponder this, but I am encouraged. The resolution seems to go further toward reconciliation with the Primates than many moderates and conservatives expected, but it does not go as far as what many of the GLBT community feared. I am starting to see sighs of relief across the globe. It appears that the drafters of the document worked closely with the Archbishop of Canterbury and the Anglican Consultative Council.

So is schism averted. Probably not. The conservatives like Archbishop Akinola and Bishop Duncan will still leave, I suspect. But they Ware not the audience for the document--and the support of the Windsor Bishops speaks volumes about the success with those who were really the audience for the document. So, there may still be a schism, but the Episcopal Church will remain largely intact, and in communion with the large majority of the Anglican Communion.


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