Climate Change: New Evidence for the Hockey Stick

The so-called "hockey stick" chart--which shows a rapid rise in global temperature is a mainstay in arguments that humans are causing climate change--a center of attacks by climate change denialists. A new study offers a revised chart that conforms the hockey stick chart. Climat Feedback explains the development:

The contentious ‘hockey stick’ climate change graph has again been upheld as broadly accurate, doubtless to the rage of climate denialists/sceptics/whatevers.

A team led by Michael Mann of Penn State University has looked at a whole range of proxies for surface temperatures over the last 2,000 years in an attempt to counter criticism of the graph, which showed a long ‘handle’ and a sharp upturn (the blade).
Their findings? As the Christian Science Monitor puts it: “It still looks a lot like the much-battered, but still rink-ready stick of 1998. Today the handle reaches further back and it’s a bit more gnarly. But the blade at the business end tells the same story.

”The previous hockey stick had been accused of relying too much on data from tree rings so this PNAS study may silence some of the critics when it appears later.

Read it all here. There is good coverage here as well.


Michael said…
I have spoken with several climate change deniers. What I find is that in the face of overwhelming evidence, they simply feel they must deny in order to bear no responsibility for what has happened.

When pressed, one denier stated that even if it was true, it was God's will anyway.
Anonymous said…
I hate it when people blame God for their poor behavior. I can't believe more Christians aren't upset when they hear that response to tragic events.

We are the only beings on the planet with brains that allow us to think things through--I suggest we start using those brains to figure out a solution to this climate mess. How will God feel if we completely destroy his creation?

I have to agree with Michael. I think people deny what they don't want to have to be responsible for, but since we are all to blame we must get past that point and move to a resolution.
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