Friday is For Politics: The State of the Race


Okay, I can't help myself. I have to blog at least a little bit on the Presidential race--even when there is no faith angle. I therefore announce my new weekly post: Friday is For Friends: the State of the Race.

So here is the state of the race: As you can see from the "poll of poll" chart from, Obama has had a noticeable bounce since Clinton left the race. The lead is still small--five points on average, but the lead is there nonetheless.

Perhaps most critically, this bounce is most pronounced in states, like Ohio, Florida and Pennsylvania that Obama lost to Clinton. It appears that Obama is now beating McCain in Ohio and Pennsylvania, and is in a dead heat in Florida. These are "must win" states for McCain--especially since Obama is doing well in places like Colorado and Virginia.

So what does this all mean? Josh Marshall provides some great analysis in this video:


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