Form Critical Bible World

Mad Priest is always--and I mean always--quite funny (while also making a serious point). And he has attracted a large community of Anglicans with the same irreverent humor. I laughed out loud when I saw this post and the initial comments. So what is our response to the Creation Museum?

I found it here.


Michael said…
I wonder how Bishop Pike is remembered among the older parishioners. I asked forty something priest about this and he gave me a blank stare.

I explained briefly about Bishop Pike. My priest said he deserved to lose his authority because he was stupid enough to publish what he really believed.

I guess this is where we are with our church now.

There is simply no room for free inquiry. I guess there never was. Maybe I am just plain foolish to be attending church anymore.
MadPriest said…
Thanks Chuck

As you, personally, were my target audience for this joke, I am so pleased you appreciated it. Let's face it, there just isn't the market for form criticism jokes now like there used to be.

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