Father Peter Carey's List of "Must Read" Blogs

Peter Carey has listed his daily go-to list of blogs that cover the Anglican and Episcopal world. Aside from his questionable decision to include this blog on the list, Father Peter's list is quite a good one--and it includes the full spectrum of Anglican blogs--even ones like Stand Firm, which Peter admits "tends to drive me wacko."

Aside from including my own blog, Peter's list has one critical problem--he forgot to include his own must-read blog.

Read Peter's list and add to his list in the comments.


MadPriest said…
I am destroyed
Obviously, by the inclusion of T19 and SF but not OCICBW... it is okay to be nasty and aggressive as long as you don't do it knowingly and with irony.
Peter Carey said…
Danggum it! I left out the MadPriest!

You are also on my daily blogroll..what in holy h*11 was I thinking to leave you out!

Chuck Blanchard said…

I am sure that if we show deep, deep, remorse, the Mad Priest will forgive us both. You for failing to list his wonderful blog, and me for not chastising you for the obvious omission.

Shame. Shame on us both. Thank goodness for forgiveness and redemtion.
MadPriest said…
all right. Now I'm happy.
Thank you
Peter Carey said…
me too, now I'm ready for lent in which I will read the madpriest twice daily after i put on my hairshirt

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