David Kuo on the War on Christmas

David Kuo and I come from very different backgrounds--both politically and theologically. Still, more often than not I find myself nodding in agreement with his postings. Here is the latest example:

I used to be in the ticked off camp. Christmas is, after all, the big deal of the holiday season. More people - by far - celebrate it than celebrate any of the other holidays. It isn't even close.

But I don't think that anymore. It really doesn't matter what retailers do. It really doesn't matter what governments do. At Christmas it matters what churches do. At Christmas it matters what families do.

We waste too much time and too much energy focusing on things that aren't important to faith.

What does it matter if stores and governments acknowledge Christmas as the celebration of Christ's birth? It simply doesn't. These issues are a grand distraction to our faith. They are things that can make Christians feel good about their faith without requiring anything of them.

That is the opposite of the faith that Jesus instructed his followers to live. Jesus said his followers should expect hardship and trials and oppression. He didn't tell them to expect Sears to have a Christmas tree. He told them to sacrifice and serve and give and love. He didn't tell them to expect governments to celebrate is birth.

Perhaps de-Christianizing Christmas is the best thing for the Christian faith IF it forces Christians to focus more on their own spirituality and less on the nation's spirituality.

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Apropos the alleged "War on Christmas," you may have heard about H.Res. 847 which allegedly recognizes "the importance of Christmas and the Christian faith," but which actually is much scarier than that. (I think you'll see why I say that if you read the resolution carefully; if you need the frightening parts spelled out even further, check this link.)

I've written about that resolution from my own atheist's perspective, and I was hoping to hear -- either in a comment on my blog or a post here at A Guy ... (or both) your views.

Maybe you can help me understand why so many Democrats voted "yea."

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