Tuesday, October 30, 2007

The Future of Anglican Communion Looking Brighter?

I finally have had some time to reflect today on recent events in the Anglican Communion, and I must say that I am becoming more encouraged. Why? I think that the following recent developments are all positive: the favorable response of the ACC to the House of Bishops response to the Primates Communique, the fairly rapid consent to Mark Lawrence as Bishop of South Carolina, the decision of Quincey not to leave the Episcopal Church--at least for now, and the acceptance of 500 Bishops of their invitation to Lambeth.

My sense, from reading the conservative blogs is that the efforts toward schism may be losing steam--and it appears more and more likely that is schism occurs, the Episcopal Church will remain in communion with Canterbury, and those who leave us will not.

I am hopeful that the consent of Mark Lawrence will send a message that there is a home in the Episcopal Church for those who opposed the actions of General Convention 2003.

Am I a bit too optimistic? Perhaps. But I think it undeniable that the future of the Anglican Communion looks brighter now than it did this summer.

What do you think?


Peter Carey said...


I, too, am feeling somewhat optimistic. Or, really, I am hopeful - (William Sloan Coffin, Jr. talked about not being an optimist, but being a person of hope and I concur on the topic of the Anglican Communion.)

I think there is some real pain felt by various people in our church right now. The ones I have heard from in person lately are both 'conservatives' as well as soem of my friends who are gay - feelings of betrayal and some anger at the recent actions and letters from the House of Bishops. However, I think that people are beginning to take the long view, which is hard but gets us out of a narrow view of things.

I agree that some of the recent discussion on conservative blogs seems a bit different. Also, I am hopeful about the consents of Mark Lawrence.

We'll have to see how things happen "domestically" with property issues in Virginia, and probably Pittsburgh, but I agree that "big S" Schism seems less and less likely (I hope).

Sorry for the ramble, I do enjoy your good comments on our church -

Peace to you!

Peter Carey

Chuck Blanchard said...

Thanks for your comment, Peter. I am glad that I am not alone in my feelings of hope.

Congratulations, by the way, on your upcoming ordination!